Quartette' s "Rocks and Roses"

New double CD release
"Rocks and Roses"
plus a bonus retrospective disc of
Quartette classics "20 Years of Quartette"

The beauty of the music of Quartette is evident in spades on their latest work, Rocks and Roses. Cindy Church, Caitlin Hanford, Gwen Swick and Sylvia Tyson have outdone themselves in this collection of original tunes celebrating their twentieth anniversary as a group. From the gorgeous R&B lament, “Sweet Agony,” to the Appalachian hints of “Arkansas Travelogue,” and then the bittersweet “I’ll Keep You in My Heart” and jazzy “Crybaby,” these four extraordinary songwriters have circled the songwriting wagon to create a lovely work of art, ably and obviously affectionately shepherded along by producer Danny Greenspoon. Bonus retrospective disc included.

Rocks and Roses

a bonus retrospective disc of Quartette classics "20 Years of Quartette".
Rocks and Roses

1. Rocks and Roses
2. First Love Waltz
3. Cry Baby
4. All I know/Conquerall
5. I'll Keep You In My Heart
6. Sweet Agony
7. Arkansas Travelogue
8. Holding You
9. Wilderness
10. Song For A Winter's Night

20 Years of Quartette

1. The Circle C
2. Me and My Love and I
3. Hobo Girl
4. Spring of '45
5. A Love That Just Won't Stray
6. I Don't Want To Cry
7. All Things Can Change
8. A Christmas Waltz
9. A Road Less Travelled
10. No Place Like Home